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Norwegian Pirate Party Facing Their First Election on Monday

On 9 September 2013 Norway is holding a parliamentary election where a conservative-center coalition will challenge the current social democratic coalition which has been in power for the past 8 years. Both coalitions have problems grasping how the Internet has changed the concepts of culture and freedom. The Pirate Party of Norway is challenging these coalitions in the upcoming elections with more focus on transparency, culture and the internet.

New parties need to get above a threshold of 4% to get into the parliament, or get single mandates in one or more provinces. In the case of the capital, Oslo, that would be about 20.000 votes to grasp 1 of the 19 seats available. The party was formed only a year ago and this will be the first national election that PPNO is taking part in.

The Pirate Party of Norway is a pro digital technology, block independent party that stands for strengthened policy, reform of copyright and patents, wide democracy, free non-commercial file sharing, statutory net neutrality, individual rights, and digital modernization of Norway with a stronger focus on technology, innovation and science.

It is also the party’s purpose to increase interest in politics based on grass-root democratic principles and working to get as many members elected to the country’s representative bodies as possible.

A few weeks ago The Pirate Party of Norway was polling at 0,5%, which is a good result for a one year old party. In recent school elections PPNO managed to achieve 4.3% and become the sixth largest political party in the election. This result was despite reports from some schools missing the voting bills for PPNO. Their highest support seems to come from media schools which will surely help them in the future.

PPNO see this election as an opportunity to build party strength and train cadres for the next elections in 2015 and 2017. Considering that it took the Green Party 24 years to reach a polling result of 0.2% (last year), the recent 0.5% polling for PPNO is great news. They are still building up their organization and still lack the organization needed for this election but with new members signing up every day the future looks bright.

Featured image: Øystein Jakobsen, Leader of PPNO, CC-BY-SA,

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