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Obama, We Need to Talk – The citizens of Europe

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The social media campaign “Obama, we need to talk” was created during one of the workshops at the Young European Election Ambassadors conference this weekend. A team was quickly assembled with working groups on IT, copywriting, design, PR and project management. 15 people started putting together the pieces of the campaign and managed to roll it out the following day.

President Obama will be visiting Brussels on Wednesday, 26 March 2014, to attend the EU-US summit. This will be his first visit to the EU capital since he took the role of president of USA in 2009. The meeting is considered an opportunity to mend some of the recent decline in trust from NSA surveillance scandals on EU citizens and some of their leaders.

The worldwide #WNTT (We Need To Talk) social media storm, is demanding that Obama talks with Europe about some “real issues” during his visit. People are asking Mr. Obama to talk about several topics they consider important. European citizens are using Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to spread the message they want Obama to discuss. They are bringing up issues that they consider USA have, ranging from the very serious (drone assassinations, NSA, Guantanamo, Edward Snowden) to the humourous (Justin Bieber, XXXXL sodas, Budweiser quality).

Darling, we need to talk. It’s been a while since our last time. Lately, you seem more distant and I think you keep secrets from me.
It’s time for us to talk!

It’s about time you came. Don’t wake up the kids. We have some serious talking to do…
There are things we can’t solve over the phone.

Remember how I fell in love with you at our first sight. Please, don’t make me more disappointed.

xxoo Citizen of Europe

More information on weneedtotalk.eu

Featured image: Modified from CC-BY, Steve Jurvetson

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