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P-review 11 March 2013

Pirate Times Review

A regular review of some things that passed the Pirate Times by in the previous week and a preview of some events coming in the week ahead.

The winner of the Pirate Times February Quiz  was Nofel Tani from PPBE.  WE congratulate him and his prize is  already on the way to him . A new Quiz will be held at the end of March.


The week in review 4 – 10 March 2013

  • 4  March  PPNO’s  ISP was forced to withdraw bandwidth for the Pirate Bay  because of content industry threats. The Pirate Bay then seemed to return from North Korea and the game of cat and mouse continues.
  • 6 March  Google released details of 1000s of requests for personal data searches. The company  said the FBI is authorized to make such requests without warrants or disclosure to users.
  • 6 March  Johannes Ponader, the Political Leader of the German Pirate Party indicated he would resign his position in May at the Party’s Federal General  Assembly
  • 8 March  On World Women’s  Day the EU Parliament blocked emails containing the words “gender stereotypes” .
  • 9-10 March 2 EuWikon The Germany Pirates held their  2nd European Finance Conference.



Some events  that should be interesting for Pirates in the coming week

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Andrew Reitemeyer

About Andrew Reitemeyer

I joined the Pirate Party of Lower Saxony in Germany in April 2012, once I found out that non citizens were welcome to join and become active members of the Party. I joined the Pirate Times soon after it was started as a proof reader and am now an editor and author. Since then I have returned to my native New Zealand and joined the Pirate Party of New Zealand. Politically I come from the libertarian left and have, up to now, not regarded any political party as having a solution for the democratic deficit that envelops the world. With the advent of the Pirate Party, which truly embraces grass roots democracy, I have found a political home. The Pirate Times is a way I can contribute to furthering the Pirate Movement around the world. Skype: frithogar