P-review 3-9 June 2013 with Videos and Podcasts

P-review 3-9 June 2013 with Videos and Podcasts

Pirate Times Review

A regular review of some things that happened in the previous week and a preview of some events coming in the week ahead and a list of videos and podcasts that were published in the last week that are relevant to the World Pirate movement and are in English. See below.


The winner of the latest Pirate Times Quiz is Dario Castañé. congratulations Dario – the book will be on its way to you.



The week in review 3 – 9 June 2013


Some events  that should be interesting for Pirates in the coming week

  • Monday 10 June – An on going vigil at Fort Mead for Bradley Manning every Monday morning



Pirate related podcasts that were published recently

  1. The second part of this Guardian Politics Weekly podcast shows how undemocratic institutions, like the UK House of Lords, are prone to corruption and lobbyism.
  2. A London School of Economics lecture entitled “Green Philosophy” Does the green agenda belong  to the left or the right or outside the right-left political divide?



Pirate related videos that were published in the last week

PPUK’s Loz Kaye  on the revelations that the scale Obama surveillance  machine and the involvement of the Cameron regime.

Why do we have to go to the Russian media for news on Bradley Manning? Here Birgitta Jónsdóttir is again standing up for Bradley and the increasing climate of secrecy.

Birgitta speaking at the  Public Banking Conference in San Rafael, CA, USA

Hacking the Exile or #exile6e as it is known to the cognoscenti. This episode is called “Semper Iuvenis” which translate to “forever young”.We can only reply, from experience, tempus est iocondum et fugit and recommend you watch the episode.

Eleanor Saitta from the International Modern Media Initiative on Programming Law

Smári McCarthy: Failure Modes of the Modern Rational Utopia or Who is the protocoleteriat?