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P-review 6-12 May 2013

Pirate Times Review

A regular review of some things that happened in the previous week and a preview of some events coming in the week ahead. We are also trying out a new feature – a list of videos and podcasts that were published in the last week that are relevant to the World Pirate movement and are in English. See below.



The week in review 6 – 12 May 2013


Some events  that should be interesting for Pirates in the coming week

  • Thursday 16 May I am Bradley Manning  photo event
  • Sunday 19 May Croatian Local Elections


Pirate related podcasts that were published in the last week

Laurie Penny reporting on the Icelandic Elections and the Pirate Party in the New Statesman Podcast (her report starts appox 14 mins into the podcast).

The Theft of Creative Content: Copyright in Crisis Podcast – A London School of Economics Discussion with Pirate MEP  Amelia Andersdotter



Pirate related videos that were published in the last week


Information video about the Slovenian Pirate Party

Pirate Party sails into Icelandic parliament

PPUK’s Loz Kay interviewed by Russian Television on Internet freedom

At the New World Summit Leiden – Dirk Poot the leader of PPNL speaking on the Open Information Society and Terrorism

Featured image: by chase_elliot  CC BY

Andrew Reitemeyer

About Andrew Reitemeyer

I joined the Pirate Party of Lower Saxony in Germany in April 2012, once I found out that non citizens were welcome to join and become active members of the Party. I joined the Pirate Times soon after it was started as a proof reader and am now an editor and author. Since then I have returned to my native New Zealand and joined the Pirate Party of New Zealand. Politically I come from the libertarian left and have, up to now, not regarded any political party as having a solution for the democratic deficit that envelops the world. With the advent of the Pirate Party, which truly embraces grass roots democracy, I have found a political home. The Pirate Times is a way I can contribute to furthering the Pirate Movement around the world. Skype: frithogar