Pirate Election Campaigning – Material Sharing

Currently 15 Pirate Parties are actively working towards entering the EU parliament. Even though Pirate Parties wish to change copyright and generally avoid putting copyright on their own works, there is little exchange of content between parties. Here is a list of some of the content available from around Europe’s EU campaigning from Pirates. If you have more sources to add you can comment on this article or post directly in the pad.


From Wikimedia Commons
From PPI Wiki

ppeu logo

PPEU Common European Election Program Flyer
We are Europe” YouTube video

ppceep flyer

UK, @PiratePartyUK

All materials
“Vote for more Pirates in the European Parliament” Youtube clip

ppuk update banner

France, @PartiPirate


ppfr poster

Germany, @Piratenpartei

“Europe. Without Borders” (TV-spot)

ppde zombie acta

Greece, @PressTeamPPGR


ppgr graphics

Sweden, @piratpartiet

Social media headers/images

ppse win

Austria, @EuropaAnders (coalition)


ppat poster

Confederación Pirata

Placeholder for where material will be soon (it’s empty now / placeholder)

confederacion pirata

Luxembourg @Piratepartei

3 Spots

pplu video

Netherlands @Piratenpartij

YouTube Videos

ppnl video


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