Pirate Parties International First Online General Assembly

Pirate Parties International First Online General Assembly

The first Online GA for Pirate Parties International was held on Sunday 29 March 2015.

It was held in a specially designed conference room in the Mumble instance held on the servers of the Pirate Party of North Rhine Westphalia in conjunction with a Piratepad and was conducted with no more problems than would be expected at a conference held at a physical location.

There were 16 Pirate Parties represented, which was enough to establish a quorum of 1/3 of the ordinary 41 members. The PPI members present were: Catalonia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia and Poland (after lunch). Observer organisations present were Pirates Without Borders and the Pirate Party of Aargau, Switzerland

Stathis Leivaditis (PPGR) headed the meeting as chairperson, with the help of Vojtech Pikal (PPCZ) as vice chairperson. The minutes were taken by Jens Stomber (PP-DE) and the votes tabulated by Ben Vidulich (PP-NZ).

After  an intense discussion over the rights of  board members to use membership fees for travel and accommodation, the first motion to be passed was regarding the right of PPI to raise fees. The motion AF2 was passed with 10/14 votes (which is greater than the two thirds needed). The passed motion [unedited] reads:

Acording of art. XVI of PPI Statutes [1], General Assembly determines the calculation of :Affiliation Fees as follows: 
The actual HDI [2] of a country is taken as an exponent to 50 to get the basis fee in €. 
This basis fee is multiplied by following factors: 
  •  for each elected pirate on national level times two, 
  •  for each elected member of a regional parliament times 1/5, 
  •  and for each elected member on a local level times 1/10. 
:This multiplied values are then added to the basis fee. 
  •  For the calculation it is non-discriminatory if a pirate is holding a mandate in the executive or legislative branch. 
  •  Affiliation fee shall not excess 1% of the member’s annual income for the previous financial year. 
  •  Observer membership is not associated with any costs. 
  • No member shall contribute more then 20% of all PPI’s due fees. 
:The first fees are due the next financial year. This calculation of Affiliation Fees is valid for following years unless decided otherwise. 
:General Assembly furthermore (according to art. X(h) of PPI Statutes [3]) decides that: 
  •  PPI is obliged to publish all the bank statements of all the accounts online [5] 
  •  Until these transparency requirements are fulfilled, members are not obliged to pay their membership fees for that year 
  •  [5] Personal details of natural persons can be censored prior to publication online


The meeting broke for lunch and at the reconvening 30 minutes later, there was no longer a quorum. However, an observing board member from the Pirate Party of Poland was able to become a delegate for his Party.

There were a series of policy statements that the PPDE wanted PPI to adopt, but these were delayed as it was felt there was not sufficient time to discuss the individual motions and that a committee should be established to garner consensus within the members on the policy proposals.

The Board was also charged with taking the necessary steps in order to establish a standing committee infrastructure within PPI. It was decided that at least the committees listed below should be established and that they should have had at least one meeting before the Warsaw conference. Each ordinary member of PPI may have at least one seat in all of the standing committees. This includes one standing member and up to two deputies. The Board of PPI should take committee recommendations into consideration, when making decisions.

:Each standing committee should convene two to four times per calender year on a regular basis.
:Every standing committee should have a support of a PPI board member who is responsible for it.
  • standing committee on public and press relations, elections and campaigning.
  • standing committee on new parties
  • standing committee on INGO relations
  • standing committee on PPI budget, oversight, transparency, finances and fund raising, 
  • standing committee on common political program.

Also the board was given approval for a plan to investigate the granting of PPI membership for  individuals for a yearly fee.  They will bring a formal proposal at the Warsaw conference in July.

The Pirate Party of Italy proposed that The PPI General Assembly should commit to the implementation of an online eDemocracy system as is already outlined in the statutes. The deadline of 30 June 2015 was imposed on the board to have a suitable system in place.

The pad used for the conference is available online

Featured image: Pirate Times from content by PPI