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Pirate Parties International GA 2015 Location Decided

Although the exact dates  have yet to be settled, the board of Pirate Parties International has confirmed the decision by their members to hold the 2015 General Assembly in Warsaw, Poland. The Polish bid beat the other contenders from Iceland, Milan and Tallinn.

The proposed venue is Akademia Kozminskiego and the designated room can hold up to 400 people. With a high speed internet connection guests will have access to wifi and streaming of the proceedings will be available to Pirates unable to attend.  Accommodation in the area starts at 20 Euros for a weekend and traveling to Warsaw, from other parts of Europe, is cheap when booked in advance. Because of these factors a good attendance can be expected at the GA. The Polish Pirate Party looks forward to welcome Pirates from around the world and hopes that the event will give them a boost for their upcoming elections next year.

In the Warsaw application they mentioned the possibility of the GA possibly taking place: “29/30 Jun, 4/5 Jul, 29/30 Aug or other dates between end of June – mid September. PPPL has reported that they would find 4/5 July 2015 to be “perfect for them” but this tentative date has yet to be confirmed. The Pirate Times will let you know when the dates have been finalized so you can start planning your trip.

Featured image: CC BY-SA 2.0 Charles Clegg

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I joined the Pirate Party of Lower Saxony in Germany in April 2012, once I found out that non citizens were welcome to join and become active members of the Party. I joined the Pirate Times soon after it was started as a proof reader and am now an editor and author. Since then I have returned to my native New Zealand and joined the Pirate Party of New Zealand. Politically I come from the libertarian left and have, up to now, not regarded any political party as having a solution for the democratic deficit that envelops the world. With the advent of the Pirate Party, which truly embraces grass roots democracy, I have found a political home. The Pirate Times is a way I can contribute to furthering the Pirate Movement around the world. Skype: frithogar