Pirate Party Australia Achieves 0.89% in Canning

Pirate Party Australia Achieves 0.89% in Canning

The Canning federal by-election was held on Saturday. Michelle Allen was a candidate for the Pirate Party of Australia in the elections. Receiving 0.89% of the votes it was a good first appearance by a pirate party candidate in this region.

“This election is an opportunity to show the major parties we are unhappy with the direction our nation is moving. Pirate Party Australia can offer those uninspired by the traditional political duopoly actual change. We know how to use the internet, we understand how technology works and will fight to ensure transparency in government, because our democracy is founded on the principle of an informed citizenry.” – Michelle Allen

To participate in the elections $1.000 nomination fee had to be paid. The Pirate Party of Australia (PPAU) made a crowdfunding campaign and managed to raise more than the necessary AUS$3.000 for the campaign budget with help of 56 supporters. The pirate party Councillor, Tom Randle, explained their fundraising: “Given our embrace of distributed participation, we’re able to run our election campaigns at a very low-cost while connecting our members from all over Australia to help Michelle’s campaign to be as successful as it can be.”

Michelle Allen campaign focused on digital rights and civil liberties, pushing back against web-site blocking, data retention and mass surveillance. Michelle also campaigned around marriage equality, copyright reform, internet censorship and privacy rights. You can also read the full political platform for PPAU.

This is the Pirate Party’s second run in a House of Representatives seat. Melanie Thomas achieved 1.5% and came 4th in a field of 11 candidates in the 2014 Griffith by-election. Pirate Party Australia also ran candidates for the Senate in a number of states in the 2013 Federal election, as well as in the 2014 WA special Senate election.

This election Michelle Allen place 7th in a field of 12 candidates with 0.89%. Achieving 738 votes shows a good support for the Pirate Party in their first election in Canning.

First Preferences
Polling Places Returned: 55 of 56   Enrolment: 112,809   Turnout: 77.44%
Candidate Party Votes % Swing (%)
HASTIE, Andrew Liberal 38,788 47.01 -4.06
KEOGH, Matt Australian Labor Party 29,362 35.59 +8.95
RAULAND, Vanessa The Greens (WA) 4,832 5.86 -1.54
SHARMA, Vimal Kumar Palmer United Party 2,507 3.04 -3.84
VAN BURGEL, Jamie Australian Christians 2,404 2.91 -0.19
LOVE, Katrina Animal Justice Party 1,141 1.38 +1.38
ALLEN, Michelle Pirate Party 738 0.89 +0.89
SMITH, Greg Australian Defence Veterans Party 658 0.80 +0.80
McCOURT, Jim Family First Party 602 0.73 -0.62
VAN LIESHOUT, Teresa Independent 512 0.62 +0.62
SMITH, Angela Sustainable Population Party 496 0.60 +0.60
WHITTLE, Connor Liberal Democrats 464 0.56 +0.56
FORMAL 82,504 94.44 -0.04
INFORMAL 4,860 5.56 +0.04
TOTAL 87,364 77.44 -14.57

Australia has a rather unusual voting system. Not only is voting compulsory but they use a preference system which makes voting a time consuming undertaking.

Featured image: CC-BY, Pirate Party Australia