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Pirate Party Greece Running For EU Elections With A Coalition

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Today it was announced that the Pirate Party of Greece (PPGR) will be running for the EU elections. They will do this through a coalition with the Ecologist Greens party,  Οικολόγους Πράσινους
The Greek Pirate candidates for the EU elections are:
1. Athanasia Diamantopoulou (Διαμαντοπούλου Αθανασία)
2. Efstratios Zolotas (Ζολώτας Ευστράτιος)
3. Dimitrios Zoupis (Ζούπης Δημήτριος)
4. Efstathios Leivaditis (Λειβαδίτης Ευστάθιος)
5. Pinelopi Petropoulou (Πετροπούλου Πηνελόπη)
6. c (Χρυσανθόπουλος Σπυρίδων)
The coalition with the Ecologist Greens party was formed based on having many political goals in common. The focus will be on digital rights, human rights and democratic participation. The coalition has agreed to fully endorse the Common European Election Programme (CEEP), that was adopted by consensus of several European pirate parties last November in Athens.
Featured image: Cropped from CC-BY, PPGR who modified their picture from CC-BY, Parti Pirate
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