Pirate Party in ACT Australia Elections

Pirate Party in ACT Australia Elections

The Australian pirate Party will be contesting seats in the  ACT (Australian Capital Territory) elections being held on 20 October 2012. Unfortunately they were not able to field candidates under the Pirate Party name as they fell six members short  of the 100 required to be able to register as a political party in the  territory.  The ACT branch of the party was started in June 2012, the same month that party registrations were due, so getting to nearly 100 members in such a short time was a herculean effort.

The policies, being offered to the voters, range wider than the core Pirate values of transparency, privacy and copyright and patent reform. They include empowering local community groups, restructuring of the transport systems and a new vision for art and culture  in and around Canberra.

The voting system being used  is a version of proportional representation called the Hare-Clark system. This system is a modification of the single transferable vote (STV) voting system. You can learn more about it here.

They will be listing three candidates as independents; one each in the three electorates of Brindabella, Ginninderra and Molongo.You can meet the candidates here. And remember to check back with the Pirate Times to see how they did.

http://pirateparty.org.au/  Pirate Party of Australia
http://actpirates.org.au/  Pirate Party of the Australian Capital Territory

Featured image CC-BY Pirate Party of Australia