Pirate Party of Brazil is Officially Registered; Nearly Ready to Set Sail

Pirate Party of Brazil is Officially Registered; Nearly Ready to Set Sail

Great news from the Americas: the Brazilian Pirate Party has been officially registered by a notary public. The process, concluded on last Tuesday 10 December 2013, represents the end of the second phase, of  the four required for party formalization in Brazil.

With this, the Pirate Party shall be considered, what the Brazilian legal system calsl as “legal person”, with name, board roles and an official party headquarters with an address in the Federal Capital.

In the coming weeks, representative members of each state will be announced to the TRE (electoral district court) and they will be responsible for bringing the necessary supporting signatures to validate the party (third and fourth steps).

In Brazil, the process to formalize a party as a constitutional and political organization able to be voted for, requires support signatures of at least 0,5% of all Brazilian citizens with active political participation ( confirmed in one of last three elections), from at least nine of 26 states in the country, representing 10% of the electorate in the chosen units of the federation – something near from half million signatures.

After that signature gathering campaign, these representative members will show all the supporingt signatures to TSE (Superior Electoral Court) for validation. If approved, the party is finally enroll by statute and so paves the way to being able to contest the national elections.

The members of Pirate Party of Brazil are celebrating this new moment, reassuring our values and make progress in their fight for free culture, human rights protection, the strengthening of public data oversight mechanisms and opening institutions for popular participation in political decisions.


Featured image: Pirate Party of Brazil (Photo: Diana Guimarães Ferreira / Flickr / Modified by PPBR) CC BY-SA