political donations in finland accepted up to 1500 euros in anonymous bitcoin donations

Pirate Party of Finland May End Up In Court For Collecting Too Many Bitcoins

To fund their election campaign Pirate Party Finland (PPFI) is accepting bitcoins.  Finnish law states that you are allowed to collect up to 1,500 Euros annually in anonymous donations. Since there is no precedent on bitcoin donations and it’s not recognized as a currency in Finland, the police have informed the party that “they have little idea on how bitcoin donations should be handled”.

The press spokesperson, Jonna Purojärvi, confirm that they have already reached over 1,500 Euros in anonymous bitcoin donations. This means that there might be a pending court-case around these donations which will establish a precedent in the legality of bitcoin donations in Finland. PPFI is hoping to gather enough bitcoins to challenge this in court.

Please notice, that Piraattipuolue is only allowed to gather funds from foreigners if they share similar ideological views, so if you feel you don’t share our idea of fair and open government, right to privacy and other great views, please do not donate. If you share the views of the Finnish Pirate Party you may donate to: 19PsBRc3qvyjVR2NKmZueD4A9ay6ZNbkZd

According to the blockchain for PPFI they got their first donation on September 19th last year. When they were about to run out of cash a Finnish pirate, Janne Paalijärvi, wrote a short guest post on a bitcoin site that got some attention. A “conservative party” picked it up and accused PPFI of “receiving illegal sponsorship”, creating a reverse effect than desired, causing even more money  to be donated to PPFI. More than 26 bitcoins (~6,000 Euros) were donated in only two days (March 22nd and 23rd). In total PPFI has received a bit more than 47 Bitcoins (~11,500 Euro) in donations since the start.

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