Pirate Party of Italy Congress in Florence

Pirate Party of Italy Congress in Florence

The Pirate Party of Italy is preparing for its second congress (Assemblea Occasionale, lit. occasional assembly). This time it will take place in Florence on Saturday, 25  January 2014, from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. Every member of the Pirate Party of Italy is invited to participate and vote.

The main purpose of the meeting is the election of a new legal representative and a new treasurer.

The Occasional Assembly will give a chance for its members to discuss,  face-to-face, the roadmap for the European election in 2014, and whether it will be possible for the Pirate Party of Italy to run for the European Parliament, since the Pirate Party of Italy is one of the members of the Pirate Party of Europe, and this year elections will be held in Europe. The Pirate Party of Italy agreed to adopt the Common European Election Programme (CEEP).

Another important issue for its members will be to gather reflections about Pirates and economical crisis.

Here is a list of all the issues in the Agenda:

  • Approval of financial statements (actual 2013, estimate 2014)
  • Election / Ratification of the new legal representative
  •  Election / Ratification of the new treasurer
  • Possible election / renewal of other positions
  • Migration of our Liquid Feedback application: work progress
  • Roadmap for the European Elections 2014 and PP-EU Programme
  • Pirates and economic crisis. Reflections.
  • Miscellaneous

Pirate Party of Italy suggests its members to pay their subscription fees and  make donations in Bitcoin, the open source P2P crypto-currency.

For all those who don’t already use Bitcoin, the PP-IT accepts donations through Kapipal, the crowdfunding platform.

Pirate Party of Italy is fully run through  liquid democracy, implementing this  in its statutes in December 2011  and since then holding a Permanent Assembly online using the technology Liquid  Feedback. Directors and other elected positions have been replaced by suitable areas in the voting platform. Although  Pirate Party of Italy members can decide and vote with its AP  (literally  “Assemblea Permanente”), once in a while traditional  assemblies called  “Occasional” are kept.

You can join the congress by filling the form in the official website.

Featured image: CC BY-SA PP Italy