Pirate Party of Portugal is Rising to Activity Again

Pirate Party of Portugal is Rising to Activity Again

The Portuguese Pirate Party  (PPPT) has not been very active lately but now it seems they are ready to get active again. Last week, on 14 March, the Portuguese Pirate Party Movement revealed their tough and long work on their party infrastructure. They released a new website with everything gathered to be easily accessible (forum, working groups, opinion texts etc). This re-organization was launched on 14 March 2015 (3.1415) as a symbolic gesture for “π as in Pirate”.

PPPT are not yet able to obtain enough signatures to become an official political party but they are now a fully registered association with the name “Movement pro Portuguese Pirate Party”. Having fully approved statutes and regulations means they can accept the registration of new members and give support to persons who would like to open local branches of PPPT.

“After a lengthy process revamping the under-the-hood infrastructure, we now hope to be able to project a renewed image, that more effectively transmits what we stand for. It is the first necessary step to be recognised as a ripe political force and it will allow us the possibility of teaming up with other more established political parties, that share some of our points of view, to reinforce our battles on broader institutional grounds.” – Nuno Cardoso, Pirate Party Portugal

Featured image: CC-BY, Pirate Party Portugal

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