PPI general assembly kazan 2013

Pirate Party Russia hosts upcoming PPI Assembly

The upcoming General Assembly of Pirate Party International (PPI) will be held in Kazan, Russia. So decided the PPI board on January 8 2013. The conference will be held in a weekend in April and will be the first one held outside of the European Union.

This successful proposal was competing with other proposals from Kaliningrad in Russia, Paris in France and from Potsdam in Germany. The board settled on Kazan with three votes for, none against and two abstentions. The GA will vote on applications from Pirate Parties for full or observer membership. It will also vote in a new board and a new Court of Arbitration.

Kazan can be reached via direct flights from Istanbul, Prague, Munich and Frankfurt. Over night trains via Moscow are also available. In Kazan, the conference location will be in an IT-valley with an internet exchange point in the same building, so the technical requirements for streaming are satisfied. Piraten Streaming has already offered to sponsor a streaming server for the GA.

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I’m a pirate from Germany but I live in the Netherlands to study there when I'm not travelling, which happens quite often. I’m a member of the Pirate Party Germany since 2009 and of the Pirate Party of the Netherlands since 2012. Picture: CC-BY 3.0 Tobias M. Eckrich