Peshmerga on a T-55-Tank outside Kirkuk in Iraq.

Pirate Security Conference Held in Munich

On Saturday, 24 January 2015 the German Pirates held a conference on international security. You might wonder why Pirates should be interested in Security. The fact is that most of our rights are being  degraded in the name of increased security.

The speeches and discussions have been recorded and uploaded to youtube.  The full list can be found on the conference program including some in German for the benefit of the German press. We have selected some to present here to give you an idea of what was being discussed.

Enno Lenze:  The Current Situation in Iraq with emphasis on the line between the Kurds and ISIS  (Slides for the presentation in PDF)

  • An overview of the conflict that you will not find in the mains stream media
  • Wait for the questions session where learn that Academi (formerly known as Xe and Blackwater) was quite possibly training ISIS forces and the Iraqi army will not be ready to fight them for two or three years
  • The Pirate Party of Germany faces a dilemma on whether Germany should supply weapons as the  Party has a policy of not sending arms to conflict zones.

Dr. Mark Daniel Jaeger: Security politics Today: conventional and new challenges

An overview of the current world security situation

Stephane Koch: From attribution to appropriation, the brave new world of manipulation  (Slides for the presentation in PDF)

The problems of attributing events to specific actors for real world scenarios is hard enough. In the cyber world the problems of identifying actors is a lot harder.


Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0 Boris Niehaus

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