Pirate Teachers Stay Above SYRIZA's Union Ballot In Athens' "Aristotle"

Pirate Teachers Stay Above SYRIZA’s Union Ballot In Athens’ “Aristotle”

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The most impressive thing about Pirates in Education is that in “Aristotle”, one of the largest associations of Athens’ teachers, for the 4th time in a row, they got more votes than than their colleagues in the union ballot supported by the governmental party of SYRIZA. 
The elections for the “Parliament of teachers”, the Representatives to the General Assembly of Greek Teachers’ Federation (DOE) consisted of more than 500 teachers, were held nationwide on 4 June 2015. 
Pirates in Education participated by standing in ballots in 2 out of the 33 associations in the Region of Attiki (central Greece that includes Athens, Piraeus, islands and skirts), in “Aristotle” with 10 candidates (5 women/5 men) and for the first time in Peristeri with one candidate.
Pirate teachers retained the seat they had in “Aristotle” since 2013 and got 7.6%  (68 votes) while the ballot of SYRIZA got only 4.1% (37 votes).
Thanasis Gounaris, chairman of the Board of Pirate party of Greece, re-elected as a representative to the GA.
“The results is the fruit of an unstoppable and continuing work that’s been going on the last 2 years”, Gounaris told to Pirate Times and added: 
During the electoral campaign, Pirates in Education visited their colleagues in every school of their area, published new posters with mottos like “a compass has 360 degrees” and “neither right nor left, but ahead”, had a dynamic presence in the school building on election day and eventually persuaded teachers to refresh their trust and vote for them. It is a great honor to represent the voice of the pirate movement in teachers’ parliament and looking forward to doing it again in the General Assembly of DOE at the end of June“.
Pirates in Education, founded in 2012 (see Gounaris’s previous interview to PT), is an autonomous union organization related to the core principles of the Pirate movement and Pirate Party of Greece.
Following their success, Pirates in Education published a press release:
“Pirates in Εducation” wish to thank our members, friends and supporters who gave us 7.6% in the election for the Representatives to the GA of DOE and helped us re-elect a representative and overcome in percentage and votes, the governmental unionist ballot of SYRIZA and the one of PASOK that didn’t elect any representatives.
The struggle for Democracy and the genuine participation of all teachers in decisions making about their lives and their work, continues.
The outdated operation model of the (Department of Education) DOE, with party-unionists following the choices of their parties, should be replaced by a system of Direct and Digital Interactive Consultation where teachers, as a union, should process, choose and put in vote their concerns for themselves.
In such a system, the role of the DOE will be purely implementing decisions of the teachers and nothing more.
The established unionist status quo and the systemic parties supporting them, fiercely oppose to this prospective because they will lose their raison d’être.
Pirates in Education 
Freedom everywhere, power to the base”.
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Pirate teachers had a dynamic presence in the school building on election day and published new posters with mottos like “a compass has 360 degrees” and “neither right nor left, but ahead”.
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