Pirate Times Introduces Paywall to Fund Further Reporting

Pirate Times Introduces Paywall to Fund Further Reporting

Edit: April Fool’s. We’d never want to restrict access to information in such a way, completely contrary to pirate principles. 

What are online readers willing to pay for digital content? Pirate Times has been publishing articles for free since August 2012. During this time we published 687 articles, where we made some of these more accessible (43 Spanish, 26 French and 11 Greek translations). We have had some backing from people through flattr and bitcoin to cover basic costs. (thanks a lot to those who have backed us!!)

However, we reached a stage where we need to pursue further funding in order to take Pirate Times to the next level and report more thoroughly on the Pirate Movement. We considered advertisement but would rather stay as independent as possible in our reporting. Thus our choice fell on setting up a system with a paywall. We believe our loyal readers would be willing to support our reporting on a monthly basis if they have a good incentive.

A paywall is a technical solution that prevents accessing full articles without having a paid subscription. “Hard paywalls” allow no access to non-paying subscribers. A “soft paywall” would provide selective free content (or limit the number of articles one can read each month) without being a paying subscriber. Pirate Times is still trying to decide whether to install a hard or soft paywall. We appreciate your thoughts on this to make our decision.

pirate times will set up a paywall to get more financing to cover their articles
Paid Digital Content: The Journey Begins, a report by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers