Pirate Times Quiz March 2013

Pirate Times Quiz March 2013

Here is the second Pirate Times Quiz  based on the news published during March 2013 with some Pirate trivia added.

The questions are in a multiple choice format and each correct answer reveals a letter at the end of the quiz. The collected letters will build up a word or a phrase that is related to the Pirate movement. Participate by sending that word (or phrase) with your name or alias. This will place you in a draw for winning the prize. The winner of the draw will be sent a piece of treasure from the Pirate Times treasure chest. Entries must be in by 8 March 2013  CET  and the winner will be announced in the following Pirate Times “P-review”, published every Tuesday.

Pirate bottle opener prize

This month’s piece of treasure trove is a Pirate bottle opener from the Swedish Pirate Shop CC-BY-SA Pirate Times

Entries should be sent to the email address andrew@piratetimes.net with the subject line ‘Pirate Times Quiz’.


  1. Only one entry per person
  2. Late entries will not be entered in the draw
  3. Draws will be made using Random Picker
  4. Copying the correct answer from someone else is allowed and even encouraged. Kopimi!
  5. Email addresses will not be kept past the end of the draw except to get the details of the winner.

    To the QUIZ

    (The quiz cannot run on our site due to a bug. Therefore we are hosting it on Andrew’s site until it can be fixed. Click here to proceed)

    Featured image: by Tony Aceves