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Pirate Times wins the “Pirate Blogger of the Year” award

On a recent event arranged by the East Sweden chapter of Young Pirates, Pirate Times has been awarded the “Pirate Blogger of the Year” prize.

This news site launched at first in August this year, but has already reached a great number of people, released big news to the Pirate community, and has brought all Pirate Parties closer together.

The “Pirate Awards 2012” are a series of prizes handed out to Pirates and organisations that stood out in 2012. The most prestigious “Pirate of the Year” has been given to Mikael Holm, Association Secretary of Young Pirates Sweden. “Pirate Film of the Year” has been given to the team behind #exile6e, a web series which we have reported on in the past.

Featured image CC0 Anton Nordenfur.

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