Pirate Visions: A new series of Guest Articles

Pirate Visions: A new series of Guest Articles

As we  approach the Pirate Parties International General Assembly to be held in Warsaw in July there is tension in the international movement. The reasons for this are varied but some of the reasons might be:

  • The disappointing election results in various countries, although this is contrasted by the stunning win in Croatia.
  • The internal strife in some of the larger parties, such as Germany and Sweden
  • Tension between the PPI board and some members, most noticeably with Australia over fees and the running of the organisation
  • The loss of some national parties and the lack of  establishment of new Parties.

The Pirate Times would like to start a discussion in the Pirate movement about the future direction for Pirates internationally. We asked some of the world’s leading Pirates (and some others that have been active on an international level) to write articles on how they see the future of the movement. We asked them to write as individuals and not in their official capacities of their party or organisation.

This upcoming article series about Pirate Visions for the international movement will be published each Thursday on Pirate Times. The first contribution will come from the first Pirate to be elected in any capacity and also the first Pirate Member of the European Parliament. We hope that you want to contribute in this discussion around the future of the pirate movement. Comment, share, think about and discuss the articles as they are published.


Featured image:  CC BY-NC-SA from a work by Daniela Hartmann