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Pirates Emerge in Wales – Ready for Coming Election

Founder of the Pirate Party Wales branch, within the Pirate Party UK, David Anthony Elston is a not-so-long-ago elected Governor of the Board and has been ratified as Spokesperson for Wales. David has chosen to stand as the first Pirate PPC in Wales for the Bridgend constituency in the 2015 General Election. The Welsh Pirate Manifesto is a kind of “expansion pack” to the existing Pirate Party UK manifesto, which launched on Friday.

It’s a very exciting time to be a Pirate in the UK. The General Election is but days away.

The Welsh-targeted “expansion pack” policies include areas around language, culture, trade, education, environment, health and devolution. For example, David wants increased recognition of the Welsh Language with free Welsh courses for all Welsh nationals and reform of the Welsh Language Act 1993. David wants to digitise Wales, bringing the country’s speeds up to European standards, as it suffers some of the worst broadband connections across the entire UK. Specifically in Bridgend, David wants to see Mobile Signal dead-zones eliminated. Mobile phone signal tower infrastructure providers need to be pressured into providing better services and mobile phone service carriers need to assist in this pressure. In areas where signal towers will not be installed, Femtocell (small cell) devices should be provided free of charge to make 3G+ signal available through a broadband connection.

ppuk has a candidate in wales in time for elections As there’s a total of a whopping ten candidates in Bridgend, to stand out David is currently the only candidate that:

  • Has agreed with VoteBike‘s ambition, funding, design standards, safety and promotion recommendations in order to consider cycling a part of the transport system
  • Has signed CAMRA’s Manifesto to support well-run community pubs and the 1300 breweries in the UK to help the economy and communities prosper
  • Has taken the Nursing Counts pledge to improve patient care, value nursing and invest in health and care
  • Has promised Greenpeace he will oppose fracking as boreholes were permitted in Bridgend without any public consultation and are in the most beautiful parts of this constituency
  • Has declared full support for the Trans Manifesto to regard trans individuals as equal citizens
  • Has committed to support the Non-Binary gender election campaign
  • Has pledged to FVVRA (the Free Vote and Voluntary Recall Alliance) he will put his constituents before any other interest, including his own party – further displaying that pirates do not follow a whip
  • Has pledged to implement SIMPOL alongside other governments to better solve international issues such as global warming
  • Has shown full support for Carers Trust’s policies to help the people caring for their families or friends at home
  • Has elected to be an Age Champion MP if he wins the seat, with assistance from AgeUK to help the elderly

Perhaps most importantly, the only party that truly understands our digital environment standing in Bridgend is the Pirate Party. The rest of the UK are picking up on this too; as well as being an official Pirate Party UK candidate, the party Something New also recommends constituents in Bridgend vote for David. pirate party of wales, david Contact David:
Contact Wales branch:

Images: CC-Zero David