Pirates Report Minister of IT for Copyright Infringement

Pirates Report Minister of IT for Copyright Infringement

The Swedish Pirate Party recently reported the Minister for IT, Anna-Karin Hatt, for copyright infringement. It is now clear that the case has been dropped by Håkan Roswall – the prosecutor best known for the trial against the Pirate Bay.

According to the party, the minister has spread a number of copyrighted pictures and texts on her Instagram account, including pictures of DVD covers and comic strips from Calvin and Hobbes.

“When not even Sweden’s Minister of IT is following the copyright law on the net, you can’t really expect normal Internet users to feel obliged to follow such an outmoded law”, said Torbjörn Wester, the party’s spokesperson for legal politics.

On August 28 it was declared that the preliminary investigation against Hatt had been dropped. The prosecutor responsible for the decision was Håkan Roswall, best known as the prosecutor who ordered the raid on the Pirate Bay, which led to its founders being sentenced to prison and fined millions of Euro.

The reason for dropping the investigation, according to the letter to Wester, was that it was not in the “public interest”, which is required since Wester isn’t the copyright owner. One could argue as to whether the fact that a high-ranking politician might be breaking the law in her own field is, per se, in the public interest.

Featured image CC BY-NC-SA Marsmetti Tallahassee.