Pirates to Enter Several Local Czech Parliaments

Pirates to Enter Several Local Czech Parliaments

As local election results from the Czech Republic keep rolling in, it is quickly becoming clear that the Pirate Party has had an excellent election, entering many local parliaments with large numbers, including at least one clear majority. Many cities, including Prague, are still counting, and more positive results may still come.

The largest success so far is without a doubt the city of Mariánské Lázně, where the Pirates won a majority with 21.01% and five councilors. It is quite possible that the next mayor of the city will be a Pirate. Majetín gave the Pirates 11.15% and one councilor, while Prostějov gave them 10.44% and one councilor. In a lot of cities the Pirates ran in coalitions with other parties, which in many cases led to large numbers of votes but few or no pirates elected.

At the time of writing many cities, including the capital of Prague, are still counting votes. Martin Punkie Šmída, chairman of the Olomouc region, is excited about the results as Pirate Times contacted him late Saturday evening:

Results are surprisingly positive. We were expecting some representatives, but our expectation overcame victory in elections in Mariánské Lázně, and also we are about to gain representation in our capital, Prague. It is a serious success for the Czech Pirates, but also for the international Pirate community.

The Pirates now have four years ahead of them showing the real results of their policies. The Czech Pirate Party puts a lot of focus into transparency, corruption of public finances, registration of lobbyists, and transparent municipal finances.

The co-chairperson of Pirate Parties International Maša Čorak said:

‘I’m overjoy to see that the first results coming in are positive. I will be completely honest and say that pirate movement desperately needs a victory, needs back that optimism we lost after elections in Germany and Sweden and even the EU ones. Since I’m following the work of Czech PP, I have no doubt that every single Czech pirate that succeeds in being an elected official will do a tremendous job in promoting our core goals and ideas and putting them back in the public spotlight. That is, after all, the beauty of this movement; a victory in just one country can be and will be a huge step forward throughout entire Europe.

The Pirate Times will follow up with more information as the votes are finalized for Prague and other cities.


The Pirates have at least four seats in Prague (01:45 12 October 2014)

Featured image: Mariánské Lázně, CC BY Axel.