PP Norway got 0.3% in National Election and 750.000+ Euros

PP Norway got 0.3% in National Election and 750.000+ Euros

For a political party that is only a year old getting 0.3% in their first election is a good result. The Pirate Party of Norway managed to get 9.868 votes of the total 2.848.986 votes resulting in 0.3%. PPNO are pleased with the results and looking forward to their next election which will be the local elections in 2015.

The Green Party has been in Norway for more than 20 years and only managed to get their first parliamentary candidate elected in this election. The past national election in 2009, gave the Green Party a smaller amount of votes than the Pirate Party of Norway managed in this election. To be elected, a party needs 5% of the national vote or enough support in a constituency to grab one of the seats.

Achieving more than 5.000 votes in Norway means that the government will give the party 150 NOK per vote received (each year = 600 NOK per vote) until the next elections. With 9.868 votes for PPNO this means that they will receive more than 750.000 Euros over the next four years. This money and the increased support and organization will help with building up their political party for future elections. With 4.3% achieved in the recent school elections the future looks bright for PPNO.

PPNO is a project for the long run and we have ambitions to build a solid party. During our first 8 months we have created a core program, which will be foundation wall of our political platform, and now we will build the “house”.  -Declaration by PPNO

translated by @collentine

 Featured image is CC BY-NC Ekaterina Didkovskaya.