PPBE Suspends Their PPI Membership

PPBE Suspends Their PPI Membership

Following the resignations of PPAU and PPUK, the coreteam of PPBE have decided to follow suit. The Belgian pirates can’t officially withdraw until their General Assembly confirms the will of the coreteam to leave, but until then they have suspended their membership. Thus, PPBE won’t be participating in the preparations for the PPI online General Assembly on the 29th of March. Unless something unexpected happens at their GA, they will take an official decision to resign on the the 28th of March during the PPBE General Assembly.

The Pirate Party Belgium hereby formally suspends its membership of the PPI/Pirate Parties International. As such we will not be participating in the upcoming General Assembly. The withdrawal of our membership will be put to a confirmation vote at our own upcoming general assembly, on March 28th.

A formal report from the relevant PPBE coreteam meeting Regards, Pirate Party Belgium as represented by its coreteam coreteam@pirateparty.be

This decision was taken unanimously by the Belgian coreteam at their meeting on the 1st of March. Their motivation for leaving:

There have been quite a few rumblings surrounding the PPI the last years, which has intensified the past half year with the PPAU and the PPUK quitting, etc. As there is a decentralised (non-authoritative) alternative in the works at Pirate International, which matches our own way of working much more, we felt it was better to focus our energy on those positive initiatives.

Noteworthy is that one of the co-chairmen of PPI this year is a Belgian pirate, Koen de Voegt. He let Pirate Times know that he was not aware of the decision until it was communicated publicly.