German Pirate Party General Assembly Day 2

German Pirate Party General Assembly Day 2

On Saturday 11 May 2013 the German Pirates got down to the business of formulating policies that will help them gain electoral success in September. This is no rubber-stamping of a set of policies, that are tailor made by spin doctors to the

pirates lined up to present arguments

Speaker queues CC BY-SA Pirate Times

results of polls and focus groups, and designed  to lure the unsuspecting voter. Many of the points for the election manifesto were adopted as a block as the discussion had mostly taken place on line but a significant number of motions had to be decided on a modular basis – each requiring a 2/3 majority to be passed.This is real, raw democracy. Under the scrutiny of a largely unsympathetic press, opinions were robustly contested and the pro and contra microphones have long lines for each motion presented.

Under the motions that were passed can be counted:

  • Opposition to the collection and storing of travel related data
  • Strengthening of the rights of free sex industry workers
  • The liberalizing of the control of fireworks
  • Making federal referendums easier for citizens to initiate
  • Protection and freedom in the internet
  • The use of open educational materials in schools
  • Unrestricted work opportunities for academics
  • Although the Party is for the eventual introduction of an unconditional basic income it has decided to support the introduction of a country wide  minimum wage in the interim.
Bernd Schlömer holding a placard reading #ich bin motivert

Bernd Schlömer CC BY-SA Pirate Times

In the midst of the proceedings the Party Chairman Bernd Schlömer raised a poster and roused the crowd with th slogan “Ich bin motiviert” – I am motivated – giving a welcome boost to the mood of the assembly.


Another attempt was made to introduce the SMV (Ständige Mitgliedsversamlung a permanent online general assembly). However it was delayed by trolling, repeated calls for changes to the order of business and requiring secret balloting at every opportunity in a concerted tactic, similar to the American filibuster, in the hope that time would run out.  The conference decided to open an hour early on Sunday morning to try and address the subject in a proper and democratic manner. However one group of Pirates from the city of Bremen were so enthusiastic about the concept they wanted to sing about it.


Featured image: Motivational poster CC BY-SA Pirate Times