German Pirate Party General Assembly Day 3

German Pirate Party General Assembly Day 3

On the final day of the General assembly the Germany Pirates have taken an important step towards the election of   more Pirate MEPs in the upcoming 2014 European Elections and continuing cooperation between national parties by ratifying the “Paris Declaration”. This declaration outlines the purpose of the PPEU (Pirate Parties of Europe). This was done with no formal objections.

The purpose of the organisation is to represent the European Pirate Movement to European institutions and to work in the interest of its members by, amongst other things:

•Facilitating coordination and cooperation between its members.
•Assisting its members to promote the Pirate movement in Europe.
•Taking as its principles the Pirate manifesto, as will be annexed to the statutes.
•Functioning as a link between European Pirate Parties and Pirate MEPs.
•Encouraging and supporting its members in organizing events focused on European topics
Only Parties that ratify this declaration can be a part of the PPEU.
Other motions passed include:
  • Asylum rights reform
A pirate bear and pony (toys)

Young Pirates – CC BY-SA Pirate Times

  • The so called “six pack” of reforms for Europe including: more citizen participation and rights for the European Parliament, a Marshall plan to deal with Europe’s Economic crisis, energy generation that should be decentralized and net-centralized, access to a net-neutral internet should  be guaranteed and Creative Content licenses promoted, and the concept of a “fortress Europe” should be abandoned.
  • A Europe-wide end to the yearly change to and from summer time.
  • The Green Youth Movement was proclaimed the second youth movement of the Pirate Party alongside the Young Pirates.
  • A form of permanent general assembly was voted into being late in the day. It is now up to the geeks and philosophers to get it working on such a large scale.
Featured image: CC BY-SA Pirate Times