Katharina Nocum

German Pirate Party General Assembly Day 1

Bruno Kramm giving the Keynote

Bruno Kramm CC BY-SA Pirate Times

On Friday 10 May 2013 the German Bundesparteitag (Federal General Assembly) Started punctually at 13:37 with a speech from Bruno Kramm, a candidate for the federal elections in September. This was followed by general business and an important change to the statutes governing the election of the board. This was needed to be able to replace 3 board members who had resigned two ordinary member Julia Schramm, Matthias Schrade and Johannes Ponader the political leader. These positions where filled by Katharina Nocum as the new political leader and Christophe Chan Hin and Andi Popp as the two new ordinary board members.

The finances for the party was also changed so that state funds, that goes to those states who have representatives elected to state parliaments, would be shared amongst the other state parties. This means that the 2014 European election campaign can be more equally waged across the country.

Late into the night the Pirates struggled with the need to establish an SMV (Ständigemitgliedsversamlung – permanent general assembly) that would enable the party to conduct its business online instead of relying on physical meetings such as this one where only a small fraction – approx. 1000 of the 30,000 members of PPDE. However as midnight approached they failed to reach the 2/3 majority required for change .

On Saturday The Pirates will try again to establish an SMV and discuss their election program.


Bruno Kramm

PPDE Voting CC-BY SA Pirate Times

The twitter hashtags for the GA are#bpt131 and #frapira. A live stream is also available.

Featured image: Katharina Nocum CC BY-SA Pirate Times

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