PPEU – We need to talk! – Meeting tonight @20.00 CET

PPEU – We need to talk! – Meeting tonight @20.00 CET

Time passes quickly. Just last year we were trying to get into the European Parliament and now it’s time to start preparing for the European Elections 2019. The first international meeting between Pirate Parties in Europe will be happening tonight @20.00 CET in mumble.

In 2013 the Common European Election Program (CEEP) was created after several meetings between different Pirate Parties. More than 20 Pirate Parties across Europe ratified the program and 15 of these parties ran for the European Elections 2014.

Creating a new common program and a more cohesive campaign strategy across Europe will take time. Thus the German pirates have taken the initiative to invite other Pirates in Europe to start collecting the present views on topics and identify the most pressing issues that should go into the common program. The agenda for tonight is:

  1. Introduction
    * roll call / greetings
    * “EU policy is domestic policy”
  2. preparation of common goals for the upcoming elections and Review of the 2014 CEEP process
    * process (meetings, declarations, ratifications, etc.)
    * content of the CEEP
  3. collect the present views on those topics
    3.1 Net-Neutrality
    3.2 Refugees
    3.3 Economic problems
    *EURO crisis
    * TTIP
    * EU Tax
    * Youth unemployment
    * North / South slope
    3.4 Data retention & data protection
    (including topics of Post-Safe-Harbor, SWIFT, TFTP and PNR agreements)
    3.5 Politics on addiction/drugs
    3.6 Democracy in crisis?
    *Barring clauses
  4. Reassure on the Goal
  5. Process design for the CEP 2019
  6. Next meetings
    *Date, Time, Main issues
    Proposal: 2015-12-18, 20:00 CET – “Refugees”

How to connect?

The meeting will take place in NRW Mumble

Channel (you have to scroll down!): /International/Piratenpartei Deutschland/Internationale Koordination

Server: mumble.piratenpartei-nrw.de
Port: 64738 (standard)
User: Your Nickname
Passwort: not needed

The organizers prefer if you RSVP to cep@ppeu.net before the meeting but also consider it “open work” and thus want to see pirates from all levels of the organization that can contribute as well.