PPI Calls for Pirates with Vision

PPI Calls for Pirates with Vision

Pirate Parties International is looking for Pirates who want to make a difference on the global stage. They are looking for people with knowledge, talent and enthusiasm. Of these three qualities enthusiasm is the most important. So don’t be put off if you think you are not qualified – they can get you up to speed. We use the decision making site Loomio. If you want to join in click the link and ask to join the group. At the moment we are looking for people to contribute in the following areas:

Reform of PPI

How can you help reshape the organisation to make it more effective and relevant to the Global Pirate Movement? Have you got ideas with which to inspire our Pirate leaders?

Other NGOs

They are looking to cooperate with other organisations sharing similar goals with the Pirate Movement. Can you suggest other organisations? Help them decide.


They want to set up an independent think tank to cover Pirate policies and strategies and they need to fund-raise to kick the project off. Be part of something entirely new.

New Parties

Are you thinking of forming a new Pirate Party or organisation? Would you like to help and advise or just help with networking? Can you offer to help guide a new party to set itself up?

Communications and social media

They are looking for editors to cover regions of the world in our social media channels. Would you like to keep an eye on and report Pirate related news and events for them?

Conferences and Meetings

They need people who are good at organising meetings both online and offline.

They are looking forward to seeing you!


Featured image: Jeff Werner CC BY-NC-SA