PPI’s Thinktwice Conference – AFK but Streamed Live

PPI’s Thinktwice Conference – AFK but Streamed Live

PPI’s first international conference, outside their annual meetings, has been named the “ThinkTwice” conference and will take place this weekend (21-22 February) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The motto of the conference is “Away from Keyboard” and the aim with this conference is to:

“bridge […] the worlds of the Pirate Parties, Academia and NGO to foster a mutual exchange on ideas and experiences that are worth spreading.”

The conference will focus around three main topics: creativity, human rights and revolution. Bringing in speakers from all over Europe, including people outside the Pirate Party, the scope of experiences shared at the conference will be broad. The agenda includes sessions such as “The shortest presentation of the Pirate Party, 60 seconds… Can it help?”, “We are not only hacktivists, we are dreamers”, “#youbroketheinternet” and “Representative Democracy is a Bitch – or could it be turned into a completely different animal after all?”. You can read more about the agenda for day 1 and day 2.

Despite running with the motto “away from keyboard” all sessions will be streamed live and the video recordings will be published afterwards. Pirate Times will be hosting streams that can be watched live [link-to-info-page] once the conference starts. Wolfgang Preiss, Streamservices and one of the IT admins for Pirate Times, will be providing the stream for you.
The streams for the the rooms can be found in our streaming page.


Featured image: PPI CC BY-SA