PPNL Did Not Get a Seat But the Future is Looking Bright

PPNL Did Not Get a Seat But the Future is Looking Bright

Update: PPNL just passed 30 000 votes and has now a total of 30 438 votes with four regions left to count. One of these “regions” left is the postal votes.

Pirate Times have been following the Dutch elections today. With the counting of the regions very close to done: 411 Final Results (98.1%), 1 Partial results (0.2%) and 7 Waiting for results (1.7%) we can see that the Dutch Pirate Party (PPNL) did not make it into the national parliament. They currently stand on 0.3% with 29 930 votes, hopefully breaching 30 000 votes with the last 8 districts being counted. To reach the parliament PPNL needed about 63 000 votes to gain the necessary 0.67% for one seat.

Even though the Pirates did not make it into the parliament the results improved significantly from the elections in 2010. Overall they tripled their number of voters from 10 471 in the last election (2010) to about 30 000 votes this election. Many regions saw a significant increase of voters and the best results were 0.7% in Delft and 0.6% in Eindhoven, Groningen and Zandvoort.

“I will say this, I’ve not seen any area that has shown a reduction in votes for the pirate party, and only a handful with no growth at all” – Andrew “K’tetch” Norton, USPP / PPUK member reporting live about election

The future success of the Pirates seems inevitable. Only in the past six months their membership has grown from 372 to 1192 members. Pirates have always had a higher support from the younger generation and they grow up fast. The school pre-elections, which were held a few days ago, gave the Pirates 10 773 votes (9.35%) which would have corresponded to 14 seats if it had been a real election. The next elections will happen in 2014 and will hopefully bring at least another tripling of results.

“The pirate party is the largest party of those not yet represented in parliament (except for 50Plus, which is [already] represented in Senate). We at least tripled in size since 2010. Even if we don’t get a seat now, I am sure our popularity keeps growing” – “Antior”, PPNL

The supporters of Pirate Parties is clearly growing, not only in the Netherlands or Europe but throughout the world. This election was the closest a pirate party has been to enter the national parliament. Next month will not bring any more national elections but several interesting regional ones, the first one being in Czech Republic on 12-13 October followed by Belgium, Australia, Switzerland and Finland.