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PPRU Member Missing After Arrest at Ukrainian Border

In their latest press release, the Pirate Party of Russia reported one of their members, Pavel Paramonov, missing after being arrested. Pavel tried to cross the Ukrainian border in the far east of the Ukraine on 31 May 2014. Since then he has not been heard from.

While attempting to cross the Ukrainian border Pavel was traveling on his own business and not in the name of the Russian Pirate Party. Nevertheless, the Pirate Party of Russia is worried and is now making a Public Appeal drawing attention to the issue. Apparently he was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine during his attempt to cross the border. The Pirate Party of Russia is now appealing to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide them with information about the fate of Pavel Paramonov.

The Ukrainian Security Service issued a press release the day after the arrest, reporting that a Russian citizen had been arrested the day before. They are claiming that the arrested Russian citizen (presumable Pavel Paramonov), was heading into east Ukraine with the aim of “destabilizing the situation and joining in illegal armed formations”. Apparently he has been fined and baned from entering the Ukraine for three years. Afterwards he was transfered to the Security Service of Ukraine.

The Pirate Party of Ukraine has been asked to help in the situation and make a statement on the issue:

A English translation of the public appeal can be found here.


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