PPSE Campaign Trick – Culture Bombing

PPSE Campaign Trick – Culture Bombing

One of the campaign features that the Swedish Pirate Party uses is called ‘Culture Bombing’. This is a practical way of showing the political idea that “culture is better shared”.

People gather books that they have at home for giving away. In the front of each book (first page or similar) you put a sticker with “culture should be free” (or a similar slogan) and some short information about the Pirate Party.

Set up a table in your local town square (with some Pirate flags) and the sign “free books.” People will come up and choose a book they like and then you can talk with them a bit about values and Pirate politics. This normally works better than handing out a flier for getting people to approach you. If they still don’t walk up to the table, you can hand the books out and tell them they can choose a better book at the table if they want.

If you have any local campaign tricks that you would like to share with Pirates internationally we are happy to publish small articles, such as this one, about it. 

Featured image: CC-Zero