PPSE: Decriminalising Narcotics, Separation of Church & More

PPSE: Decriminalising Narcotics, Separation of Church & More

The Swedish Pirate Party finished their annual fall meeting on Sunday, after more than a month working on broadening the party platform. Among the approved motions was a decriminalisation of narcotics for personal use, the separation of church and state, and an increased transparency for research.

Pirate Times previously reported on the then upcoming meeting, dicussing the plans to further broaden the party platform. Like most other Pirate Parties, the Swedish has until recently focused on a slim platform, focusing primarily on copyright and privacy issues. In the spring meeting of 2012, the party started broadening to new areas including health care, education and research. This broadening escalated on PPSE’s latest fall meeting.

The meeting was possibly the largest in the party’s history, with 94 separate political motions voted upon, as well as the election of new board members and several other positions in the party. Among the approved motions were several almost universally accepted topics that had yet to be formalised, including copyright and privacy topics. Among the many other decisions, the meeting approved a stance for gay marriage rights, open research policies, science-based health care and a separation of church and state. The party also accepted its first stance on migration, arguing against deportation to countries where extremely poor living standards or death is a risk.

Among the more controversial topics, the party now has a stance for decriminalising narcotics for personal use, passed by 73 % approval. The decision is clear, however, that “the drugs themselves are not legalised”, and that users found by police must be informed of ways to seek help. The party also approved a stance for prohibition of circumcision in Sweden, with 80 % approval.

The party elected six new board members for the period 2013-2015. Plux Stahre and Anton Nordenfur were re-elected, along with new members Isabelle Danielsson, C Magnus Berglund, Anders S Lindbäck and Troed Sångberg. Unfortunately the meeting resulted in one vacant post since one previously elected board member, Emil Isberg, left the board in mid-October (after the meeting started) for personal reasons. Other board members who still hold mandate until the end of 2012 are Marit Deldén, Johanna Julén, Sammy Nordström and Fredrik Strandin. Thus, including the people that have been elected for an even longer time, the 2013 board will consist of chairman Anders S Lindbäck, secretary Henrik Brändén, and board members Rick Falkvinge, Mattias Bjärnemalm, Torbjörn Wester, JP Anderson, Fredrik Holmbom, Andreas Larsson, Nathalie Ylitalo, Stella Papasotiriou, Plux Stahre, Anton Nordenfur, Isabelle Danielsson, C Magnus Berglund and Troed Sångberg.

More details about the decisions (pdf in Swedish)

Featured image is CC BY Joe Shlabotnik.