Report from Iceland #2

Report from Iceland #2

What else is Happening in Iceland?

On the last day before the election we thought you might be interested to get a look at what else is going on in Iceland.

The first day of Summer (Sumardagurinn Fyrsti)

Yesterday, 25 April 2013, was a festival in Iceland. According to the Norse calendar, which only has two seasons – winter and summer – the first thursday after April 19th  is the start of summer. It is a national holiday and one that children especially enjoy. The city was filled with happy smiles and it was not only on the faces of the Pirates as they think on their polling figures (the latest polls are showing the Pirates on 7.5%).

The Pirate Bay arrived

Well at least the file sharing site can now be reached under an Icelandic TDL (top level domain), according to Torrentfreak, after having been forced out of Greenland. The CEO of SMAIS – the Icelandic copyright holders association – perhaps cynically claimed the timing was related to the election. Pirate candidate Birgitta Jónsdóttir, through a local newspaper, said they were not responsible for the site being opened. It is not like they have nothing else to do at the moment with the election taking 100% of their time and concentration at the moment. Or…..

 New Transparency Site

The Pirate Parliament Viewer (Þetta er Alþingisrýnir Pírata) was revealed to the public yesterday. It keeps tabs on members of the Icelandic parliament – the Althingi. Citizens can easily follow how MPs have voted in matters of interest and they get an overview of the processing of single bill. They can also see the attendance statistics for each politician and party. The Icelandic Pirates are not work shy.

Rick Falkvinge Arrives in Iceand

Rick being greeted by Helgi in the Stoffuni CC BY-SA Pirate Times

Rick being greeted by Helgi in the Stoffuni
CC BY-SA Pirate Times

You will not be surprised to learn that the founder of the Pirate movement has arrived to be present at the historic moment when the first Pirate MP is elected to a national Parliament. Rick told the Pirate Times that he wants to make sure the event is recorded. When the first Swedish Pirate was elected to office they were so delirious with joy no one thought to pick up a camera. This will not be repeated. In the mean time he wants to look around Iceland and will also be able to take some of the press attention, caused by the Pirate Bay TLD change, off PPIS.

Wikileaks Donation Blockade Lifted

Ars Technica reports that the Icelandic supreme court upheld a lower court’s ruling that Valitor (formerly VISA Iceland) must allow payments to be made to DataCell, WikiLeaks’ Icelandic Web host within 15 days or face ongoing fines.

Direct Democracy Initiative

There is going to be some sort of revelation on the subject of direct democracy today  under the name of  “A better Iceland”. We will keep you informed.

What ever the Iceland Pirates are on – we want some too.


 Featured image:  Birgitta and Smári in front of the Althingi buildings CC BY-SA Pirate Times