Results of Catalonian Election

Results of Catalonian Election

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On September 27th there were elections in Catalonia. Pirates de Catalunya were only able to participate in the province of Girona and had no presence in the other three provinces. PPCAT had a difficult time collecting signatures (a requirement to participate in the elections) from the citizens. Mainly because of the period falling during summer holidays, when a lot of people were outside of their cities. Another reason that affected was that these elections were seen as a plebiscite for the independence.

Many persons in Catalonia, close to 50% of the citizens, would like to be a new independent republic. Pirates of Catalunya has a clear option for that possibility happening:

The independence should be done by catalonian people through a referendum. That’s why we have launched a vote process, so people would be able to decide our vote in the Parliament, in case we where elected.”, Enric Pineda, head of PPCAT list in Girona.

However, the election results were not that good for pirates. PPCAT only achieved 0,08% of votes. Instead of being dismayed, the pirates are already working towards the future. The Catalan pirates also have a lot of work in the cities were they achieved representation in earlier municipal elections.

Enric Pineda voting

Enric Pineda voting

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