Running Report from PPDE GA in Bremen

Running Report from PPDE GA in Bremen

We will be bringing you updates from the German Pirate Party’s Second General Assembly in Bremen 30 November – 1 December 2013.  Check back regularly to find out who has been elected to what post and what policies and motions are being discussed. When it is all over we will also bring you more structured report of the proceedings.

Saturday 30 – 00:50 : The word Moin in the featured image is a Low German word of greeting used in North-West Germany. (Andrew)

Saturday 30 – 08:40 : Today the new board will be elected.  Live Streaming is available The program begins at 10:00 with an address from chairperson Bernd Schlömer who is stepping down from the role. (Andrew)

 Saturday 30 – 13:40 : The assembly agrees to pay, in future, those members of the board who have a small income. (Andrew)

Saturday 30 – 18:45 : Thorsten Wirth has been elected new Chair of the German Federal Pirate Party. (Andrew)

Saturday 30 – 20:00 : Carolin Mahn Grauseweg has been elected Vice-Chair of the German Federal Pirate Party. (Andrew)


Sunday 1 – 05:35 : More information about d (Andrew)

Thorsten is 45 years old and  lives in Frankfurt am Main in the German state of Hesse with his partner and son.

Thorsten Wirth CC BY-SA PPDE

Thorsten Wirth

Hestudied computer science and physics but became a programmer. He is a keen photographer and his work can be found in Picasa

He joined the party in 2006 and was a founding Member of the Hesse Pirate Party. He joined as he wanted to be a part of the formation of a knowledge society. He was chair of the Hesse board 2007 – 2009 and was a member of the federal board 2009 – 2010. He has been active in the fields of press and publicity at both levels.
He describes himself as being left libertarian on the political compass and has not been a member of any other political party. His political agenda includes fighting corruption, protection for whistle-blowers, net neutrality and open access as well as data protection.
Sources: Piratenwiki Profile Flaschenpost podcast interview Kompass interview

Sunday 1 – 05:35 : More information about Carolin Mahn-Gauseweg (Andrew)

She is 32 years old, married and from the state of Sachsen. She works as security engineer in the transport field.

Carolin Mahn Gauseweg CC BY-SA PPDE

Carolin Mahn Gauseweg

She is on the Sachsen Press team, specializes in transport and construction and is an experienced in coordination including the Potsdam conferences in 2012 and 2013

She wants to help improve the way the Party interacts with the press and the public and also the way the Party is organised internally. She brings management experience from her job and will work with working group.s She is sympathetic to quotas for women in the party lists but realizes that the Party is not quite ready to take this step.
Sees the local elections as a better target than the EU elections next year given the current German attitude to Europe.

Sources: Piratenwiki profile Flaschenpost podcast interview



 Sunday 1 – 18:15 :  More positions on the board have been filled

Stephanie Schmiedke is general secretary
Veronique Schmitz is alternate general secretary
Gefion Thürmer is second alternate general secretary (Gefion is a leading member of the Pirate Times team)
Jörn Niklas Semrau is  political manager

A six member court of arbitration has been elected

The auditors have been elected

Featured Image: adapted from a photo by  jonasginter CC BY-NC-SA