Show Notes and Podcast: The Order of the Pirate Unicorn Podcast 005

Show Notes and Podcast: The Order of the Pirate Unicorn Podcast 005

The order of the pirate unicorn podcast recorded on Tuesday 21st of May following the mumble chat held on the 17th of May 2015


A bit of a Cockup

Misunderstanding about the Spanish Pirates  – they will be back on 31st May to give us results and we can talk to the elected candidates.
The misunderstanding is my fault – but we had a good conversation anyway
Miscommunication is not just a Pirate characteristic but we are better at it than anyone else.


Further to the PPI controversy PPIS intends to look for international cooperation through Pirate Int in future.


We discussed Loomio – it is a decision making tool that came out of the Occupy movement
It is limited to binary for or against decisions and is limited in its range of means of discussion. This was seen to be a problem with most software packages of this type where people who write well have an advantage. This was not seen as a make or break issue as
1. other means of communication could be used – such as mumble
2. the current imbalance of communication is worse than any current Liquid feedback or similar tool

The Pirate Party of India

It came to light that there was an Indian Pirate group on Loomio – this is of interest as there have been earlier attempts to ground an Indian Pirate Party with no lasting success.

1. Pirate Party of India experiment at (now expired) is stuck because of a conflict – some wanted to be a registered party as soon as possible, but some wanted to work among people and build a community.
2. Pirate Movement of India is an attempt to build a community of people supporting pirate ideas.
3. There were many technical limitations in a mailing list and we have chosen loomio as the main discussion platform.
4. A pirate party may emerge sometime when its time come, but Pirate Movement of India is not aiming to be transformed to a party.

Piratecon CZ

no stream could be found for the Piratecon CZ that was held in the weekend we hope that videos will eventually surface. Face to face meetings and socialising are crucial to the development of the movement but if streaming is not possible then getting some videos out would be a real boon to the rest of us.

The Right to Bare Opinions

We had a discussion on the range of ideologies present in the party ranging from libertarian through socialist to anarchist. How do we keep from tearing each other apart? Is there a form of self censorship in which choose not to raise issues internally that are not resolvable for example
gun ownership? I for one am anti guns but I don’t let that influence my friendships and work with fellow Pirates who hold the opposite opinion.
It is quite interesting to see that many countries with strong Pirate Parties have quite high gun ownership.

The conversation moved onto the new horizons that are becoming evident. It is not only
3d printing of guns that is a game changer – then come drones which can deliver a payload further than any handgun then we have the awesome Copenhagen Suborbitals an amateur group who are working on a manned space flight program – than makes the prospect of home made ICBMs not beyond the capability of human ingenuity.

G7 in Dresden

There is a call in PirateInt for ideas to protest the G7 meeting in Dreseden May 27th – They are restricted as to what they can do as assemblies of more than 2 people are forbidden.

In the absence of any ideas falling to mind immediately we discussed the copy and paste in “free trade” agreements – so not just TTIP and TPP
The most effective way is to cooperating with national and international groups dedicated to this work rather than starting our own campaigns. Except where no such organisations exist should we go it alone.

Supporting Iceland

Iceland – needs at least two full-time staff  but lack the funds to do that to be able to function if the elections in two years reflect the current poll numbers.
Current laws mean that no outside help can be directly given to Icelandic political parties
The answer could be crowd sourcing and microfunding an organisation inside or outside Iceland with connections to Iceland which can hire people independently to work for the party’s ideals and goals. There are technical and political problems to overcome – watch this space

Quote of the chat

People tend to vote for people they think will achieve goals rather than people they trust.

Next week

A normal free flowing chat

Featured image: PD from a work by Copenhagen Suborbitals


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