Show Notes and Podcast: The Order of the Pirate Unicorn Podcast 006

Show Notes and Podcast: The Order of the Pirate Unicorn Podcast 006

The Podcast for the Order of the Pirate Unicorn Mumble chat held on 24 May 2015 and recorded on 26 May.


Offering Free Wifi

A German chatter reported that  they are working on free wifi – letting others use their  for others and getting around the legal liability by routing packets through Sweden

Using tor was also raised as a possibility

Other ways to create networks that are being explored by makers such as The Pirate Network who are looking to create wifi networks in the UK with home-brew transceivers that are independent of the Internet or can access it only through a few nodes. If you have read Cory Doctorow’s book “Little Brother” you will know what is meant.

A question from Finnish Pirates as to how they can help fight the Spanish gag laws. This is important for Europe as if they succeed there they can be imported into other countries.

Finnish pirate party office attacked and car of chairman had windows broken and a jacket was stolen
Ironically the private CCTV watching the building was not working so the perpetrator was not caught
What is needed for a party  to be successful

  • educated population
  • distrust with current government or system
  • a message that resonates

This subject needs to be revisited

Changing patterns of consumption

We are being moved towards non ownership means of consumption
non ownership of the things we buy – cars such as Google self drive cars will be lease only – music and books are moving from owned media that can be resold to digital copies that cannot and now streaming where we pay per view. Copyright laws are falling even further out of line with reality.

Community ownership

Henry George – Georgism – a very interesting concept


Liberland – A physical place between Serbia and Croatia

  • have respect for other people and respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion
  • have respect for private ownership which is untouchable
  • do not have Communist, Nazi or other extremist past
  • were not punished for past criminal offences

E-Residencies offering Government services digital ID etc.


Estonia virtual citizenship

The loss of John Nash

Nobel Prize winning John Nash and his wife died in a car crash – most will remember him from the film “A Beautiful Mind” but some of us are aware of the work he did in game theory and the term Nash Equilibrium will be a lasting monument to his genius.

General strike in Iceland

Scheduled for 6th June but has been put back for 5 days. Norwegian machine guns for the police were supposed to have been sent back but  are still in the hands of the Icelandic Police which is worrying with the prospect of wide spread demonstrations.

Pirate Think Tank

The Pirate Party of Iceland needs practical help and we cannot give them any without breaking Icelandic law. We do not want to compromise the Party in anyway – that could adversely affect their election chances. Our resident Icelander has investigated the situation and having talked  government agencies has come up with a way that the world wide movement can help and stay on the right side of the law. The answer is an international Pirate Think Tank based in Iceland. It would be independent of PPIS and IMMI but would share goals and principles. It would employ a few staff members who could then assist PPIS as a part of their research. It could be initially financed through a kickstarter and continuing funding through donations and fundraising activities. Its remit will be something like to do research on policies and tactics that will promote Pirate Ideals around the world. Getting a Pirate led government elected would be a huge boost to the movement without doubt.

It would also do work for the movement but the priority is to assist PPIS to government. After the elections can be held the think tank can widen its remit and concentrate on Pirate matters overseas.

What we intend to do is to get an informal group together and discuss the feasibility and see how we go from there.



Other news

Spanish Pirates did very well in the local elections 4 new Pirate representatives.

A Pirate Times article by Lorena Muller-Nischte who is now the new chairwoman of Confederación Pirata will give you more details.

The Pirate Mayoralty in Mariánské Lázně has changed hands from one pirate to another.

Change in PPI conference- The dates remain the same but the venue has changed to Lodz in central Poland.

The transcript of Birgitta’s TEDx speech in Rekjavik “We the People, are the System”,  has been put on her blog and is being translated into many languages in a spontaneous action by Pirates and non Pirates who like her message.

In the latest MMR poll from Iceland PPIS’s numbers are slightly up on the Gallup poll at the beginning of the month which means they are stable and cementing their popularity. This is no flash in the pan.


 Quote of the week

  “The reason activists are a threat isn’t that they are breaking windows. It’s that they’re creating them.”

Will Poter @will_potter via Lexi Alexander @Lexialex

Next Chat 31 May

With guests reporting from the elections in Spain

The following week we will have guests from Iceland to discuss the ongoing situation there.


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