Show Notes: The Order of the Pirate Unicorn Podcast 003

Show Notes: The Order of the Pirate Unicorn Podcast 003

Order of the pirate unicorn podcast recorded on Tuesday 5 May 2015 following the chat held on Sunday the 3rd.

The new time went well of 21:00 Berlin time  and we had a conversation going quickly.

Off Topic Start

We started with an off-topic discussion on the effect of nordic languages on English

We learned of a language called norn that was spoken on sheland and orkney islands but the linguistic geekery had to come to an end.

Icelandic Policy Making

An Icelandic pirate gave us a rundown on how policy is draughted in PPIS

There are three keywords that encapsulate the core polices decentralisation , democracy and transparency –  all policies are based on these which can be wide ranging including a current discussion on fish quotas

The core policies have been translated into English and are well worth reading

This Podcast

Asked for anyone who wanted to help with the podcast and a Finn and a Swede volunteered so if you don’t want to see Scandi-kiwi dominance – join in Slack

Advised to use the opus codec and will look at introducing it later for the moment MP3

Libertarian Lands

A brief discussion on libertarian micro-nations which led to a list of land based and virtual citizenships





Bremen city- state elections on 10 May good chance in Bremerhaven will gain a seat.

UK elections 6 candidates are being fielded and they are starting a hashtag campaign.

#‎whypirate‬ hashtag starts at 10:00 am UK time 9:00 UTC

If you support a Pirate Party, tell people why, using the #whypirate hashtag.


Pirate Research

Research topics – using slack Pirate Times OOTPU and PPNZ

I am very interested in getting some collaborative research going

Topics include:

  • Trusted news sources – with most mainstream media biased we need to get a list of news outlets that can be trusted.
  • Donations from overseas sources what can we send to overseas Pirates without breaking local laws
  • Barriers to registration and fielding candidates – Pirates have sometimes enormous hurdles to getting registered even in Europe. We want to collate all financial and practical barriers to putting candidates up for elections with the aim of challenging the most odious barriers in the courts. There is some initial work done.
  • Policy comparison of Pirate Party Policies around the world. There is some out of date data collected.

If you want to contribute to these or any project that you would like to start then please send an email to and we will add you to the work group site.

The Vote for the Mascot

pukac sketch colour

CC BY-NC-SA Katharine

We were going to vote on the mascots for the Order of the Pirate Unicorn and Kittens and Cupcakes. However the Pirates there were mostly new and not familiar with the sketches and there were people interested who were not there. So we will make those decisions in slack and possibly Facebook. All the illustrations by K are

New Zealand dissolving its board replacing it with working groups There will be a Pirate Times article soon to give more details

A Need for Cooperation

Pirates are constantly trying new things which is good but often the same things and not learning from previous mistakes or successes. This is especially true of our programmers and coders. We need somewhere experiences and visions can be shared. This led to questioning whether Iceland, which has a lot of dedicated IT experts working to invent and implement solutions for the Party and the voters. There was hope in the community that PPIS would be able to provide leadership here. However, the sudden popularity of the Pirate Party means they will have no spare capacity in this or any other direction in the near and intermediate future.

The discussion went on to the future of PPI – whether it could be reformed sufficiently or we needed a new organisation or perhaps even no formal organisation but rely on personal contacts. There are organisations that have been founded like Pirates Without Borders which are doing great work holding conferences like the International Orga Weekend. However, these are physical events and mostly in or near Germany and not easily available to non-European Pirates. Informal groups like the Facebook group for Pirate Party page administrators and this group The Order of the Pirate Unicorn are attempts to fill in some of the gaps. And we have a brand new addition from one of our new members – which needs a administrator.

I am not Prejudiced

At the end of our chat the topic of racism and sexism and how, while most of us are trying not to be either, our cultural conditioning means we all have some bias. The web site has a series of tests and although designed for American cultural norms can give an idea how much racist or sexist tendencies remain despite our attempts to resist them.

The content of the Podcast, these notes and any comments made are those of the respective authors and cannot be construed as those of the Pirate Times,the Pirate Movement  nor any Pirate organisation or Party.