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Slovenian Pirates Achieved 1.34% in Elections

The Slovenian national election took place yesterday. Previously the Pirate Party Slovenia (PPSI) has only taken part in the European Elections, where they achieved 2.57%. This time they achieved 1.34% with 11.579 votes

As mentioned earlier PPSI will receive around 4.000 Euros in funding for their result of +1%. This will allow them to expand their organization and was their only plan for this election.

We got 1,34%.  One percent was our goal, as this means we finally get funding. We were hoping for 4%, but knew it was a long shot. I consider it a massive win, though.

We got hit by a low turnout (51%) and a strong last minute rally by “Koalicija združena levica” (The left coalition) that has basically the same demographic of voters, but more money, more populist ideas (socialism) and … an amazing performance by their representative at a national debate on the biggest commercial television 2 days before the campaign suspension. We were not invited to this debate.

– Rok Andrée, PPSI Secretary

PPSI is a new political party that began their story on 10 June 2009, they got officially registered on the 5 November 2012. They are still working towards long term plans for organically growing their party andthey are a bit worried about what a quick success would do to PPSI.

The next election in Slovenia will take place on 10 October. This time it will be local elections.

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