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Special General Assembly of the German Pirate Party

On the weekend of the 28-29 June 2014 the German Pirate Party held their second general assembly in 2014. It was a extraordinary general assembly which became necessary after three members of the previous board stepped down three months earlier. Therefore, the acting board of the German Pirate Party had to organize a extraordinary general assembly as soon as possible, so that a new board can be elected.

Stefan Körner, new chairman of the Pirate Party of Germany - CC-BY-SA Leuchtfeuerfunk

Stefan Körner, new chairman of the Pirate Party of Germany – CC-BY-SA Leuchtfeuerfunk

The newly elected team consists of:
Chairman: Stefan Körner
Treasurer: Stefan Bartels
Political director: Kristos Thingilouthis
General secretary: Stephanie Schmiedke
Vice-chairman: Carsten Sawosch
Vice-general secretary: Mark Huger
Vice-treasurer: Lothar Krauß
Vice-political director: Bernd Schreiner
Second-vice-general secretary: Michael Ebner

An interesting side note to this new board is that Stefan Bartels and Stephanie Schmiedke  were members of the previous board. They were also two of the three board members who stepped down three months earlier and therefore caused this extraordinary general assembly. Because of this, they were questioned frequently and specifically about this act.

A common hope is that the newly elected board will re-unite the different groups within the German Pirate Party, which had and still has a quite controversial conflict, as the Pirate Times reported earlier. The newly elected chairmanm Stefan Körner, said that he wants to end internal quarrels and the desolate state the Party is in. Furthermore he advises members to not use Twitter for political discussions but rather to seek a personal dialog with each other. He also wants to install a veto right for the boards of the regional pirate parties.

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