Swedish Pirate Party Plans Convention to Prepare for EU Elections

Swedish Pirate Party Plans Convention to Prepare for EU Elections

The year 2014 is the year of elections for the European Union. The Swedish Pirate Party is now planning on how to keep their two Members of Parliament, and has invited for a member convention on the topic.

The Swedish Pirate Party does not have a grande history of physical meet ups, and instead have their two yearly member meetings online – something that at times has been critisised by some members, arguing the value of meeting physically. Meanwhile, their youth organisation Young Pirates Sweden have yearly member congresses, which Pirate Times have reported on in the past.

The party has now invited its members (through text and a YouTube clip) to an October 12 event in Stockholm, to focus on the upcoming EU elections. The convention takes place during the six weeks long online autumn meeting, during which members can suggest and decide on new political agendas, including those concerning the EU. This physical convention will not be of deciding power, but the party announces it as an opportunity to discuss these questions AFK.

Individuals who run for the elections – and who also will be voted upon during the autumn meeting – are also invited to present themselves before their potential voters. There will also be speeches by party leader Anna Troberg and Young Pirates’ president Gustav Nipe, as well as the current Members of Parliament, Christian Engström and Amelia Andersdotter.

The Swedish Pirate Party was the first Pirate Party to be elected into the European Parliament in 2009, with 7.2 % of the votes, resulting in two mandates. Sweden has 20 mandates in the Parliament in total.

Featured image by Ola Andersson, in the public domain.