Christian Engström, top name for the European elections 2014 for the Swedish Pirate Party.

Swedish Pirates Present List for European Elections

The Swedish Pirate Party has now presented its list for the upcoming elections to the European Union. The list is led by Christian Engström and Amelia Andersdotter, the party’s two current parliamentarians.

The list has been voted on by party members in the recent general assembly that ended in November. It has not been without controversy, and while it was clear early on that current MEPs Christian Engström and Amelia Andersdotter would get the top positions, it wasn’t clear who would take the top spot until the very end. The weeks leading up to the vote were filled with debate, ranging from thoughtful discussion to plain name calling. In the time that has passed since, however, it seems clear that there are no sustaining problems, and that the party is ready for the election that will take place on May 25, 2014.

MEP Amelia Andersdotter. CC BY The Greens / European Free Alliance.

MEP Amelia Andersdotter. CC BY The Greens / European Free Alliance.

“We Pirates are the blowtorch that is needed in Brussels”, said top name MEP Christian Engström concerning the elections. “We stopped ACTA. We got the parliament’s Green Group to understand that file sharing needs to be legalised. We have fought for stronger data protection and more humane roaming prices. I look forward to another mandate period in the European Parliament.”

The final list consists of twenty regular spots and five backups, covering Sweden’s total number of twenty places in the European Parliament. After Engström and Andersdotter, the next positions are held by party leader Anna Troberg, the youth organisation Young Pirates’ president Gustav Nipe, and Mattias Bjärnemalm, who works as Amelia Andersdotter’s assistant and is a member of the party board. Party founder Rick Falkvinge is on sixth place, while vice party leaders Henrik Brändén and Marit Deldén are on nine and thirteen, respectively.

The Swedish Pirate Party’s list for the European elections (with age and home town):

  1. Christian Engström, 53, Nacka
  2. Amelia Andersdotter. 26, Bryssel/Uppsala
  3. Anna Troberg, 39, Järfälla
  4. Gustav Nipe, 25, Uppsala
  5. Mattias Bjärnemalm, 34, Bryssel/Malmö
  6. Rick Falkvinge, 41, Sollentuna
  7. Deeqo Hussein, 22, Mölndal
  8. Nils Agnesson, 28, Stockholm
  9. Henrik Brändén, 48, Uppsala
  10. Gun Svensson, 76, Norrtälje
  11. Torbjörn Wester, 33, Norrköping
  12. Andreas Larsson, 30, Rättvik
  13. Niklas Dahl, 21, Lund
  14. Marit Deldén, 30, Sundsvall
  15. Malin Karlsson, 24, Karlstad
  16. Troed Sångberg, 39, Örebro
  17. Anton Nordenfur, 21, Linköping
  18. Nathalie Ylitalo, 28, Luleå
  19. Jacob Hallén, 55, Göteborg
  20. Mårten Fjällström, 36, Uppsala


  1. Irena Cienkowska, 29, Stockholm
  2. Jan Lindgren, 34, Stockholm
  3. Paula Roth, 19, Göteborg
  4. Isabelle Danielsson, 26, Karlstad
  5. Mikael Holm, 27, Uppsala

Featured image is CC BY-NC-CA Billy R.

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