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Swiss Pirate Party Elects Co-Presidents, Passes Resolutions Regarding Upcoming Votes


On Saturday, 21st of March, 2015, Pirate Party Switzerland elected two co-presidents for the first time! The General Assembly elected Guillaume Saouli and Stephan Thöni to replace outgoing President Alexis Roussel.

Stephan Thöni is from the  canton of Zug. He is a 29-yearold IT developer and student rights activist;
Guillaume Saouli, 44, is a contractor in Geneva. They will divide the tasks of supporting regional sections in an efficient manner, as well as defending the issues for which the Pirate Party stands.
During the Pirate Party General Assembly, their delegates adopted the following positions for the upcoming referendum on June 14:
  • Yes to change the constitutional article on medically assisted reproduction and the genetic engineering of humans, allowing for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
  • No official stance on the popular initiative “Imposing tax on inheritance of several million [Swiss francs] to finance our AVS (Reform of estate tax).” This outcome was the result of considerable debate.
  • Yes to the “Initiative on scholarships,” because knowledge is the one commodity that Switzerland has, and to offer the most favorable conditions for achieving university studies.
  • No to the federal law on radio and television, as the general funding of broadcast media should not be done with hidden taxes.
Following the adoption of the Law on Intelligence (LRENS) by the Federal Assembly this week, the Swiss Pirate Party General Assembly decided unanimously to initiate a referendum against the law.
The original press release is available in German, and French.
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