The New PPI Board is Starting to Get Active

The New PPI Board is Starting to Get Active

The PPI board just held their third meeting and have started their work (first two meeting were mostly about handing over responsibilities and getting organized). 

1) Since the members of the new board are spread around the world it is sometimes hard to find suitable times for all of them to attend. The board needed to facilitate their decision making and therefore decided to change the rules of procedure to allow votes cast by the board in their Loomio group to be counted towards the regular board meetings. The discussions by the board are transparent and can be followed on their loomio group.

2) PPI decided to adopt the Sunstone Project. The project was initiated to create an independent think tank that would work on applying Pirate principles to policies in a generic (and country specific) manner. The Sunstone Project is about to enter the fundraising stage and PPI will offer infrastructure to make the process possible. Once the Sunstone Project is able to function independently it will cut its temporary ties to PPI and other Pirate organisations.

3) The board continued the work started in the Warsaw GA, engaging with other NGOs to promote Pirate Principles internationally. The board decided that they will apply for observer status with ECOSOC as planned. This process will be finalized in 2017. Richard Hill will be the board member supervising this.

4) Some people have been in touch with the board requesting help to start Pirate Parties in Nigeria, Senegal and Moldova.

5) An international Pirate Shop is in the making with support from PPLU and PPDE. Other pirate parties with already working pirate shops like PPIS, PPSE and PPCZ will be contacted to contribute, too.

Source: The minutes and audio recording of the meeting