The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – August 2012

The Pirate Movement on Facebook and Twitter – August 2012

The pirate movement has a total of 536.794 followers on facebook + twitter today! This is a very impressive number and shows that it is indeed a movement that is here to stay. Important to remember is that it’s not only the number of followers that counts but more importantly the level of interaction and impact the posts might have on followers. This is harder to measure than just focusing on the numbers of followers.

Inspired by what Piraten-Statistiken (Pirate’s Statistics) used to do, we will be reporting monthly about facebook and twitter followers for different pirate parties. These numbers become interesting when you start looking at the changes and analyze why there was a decrease or increase. Another aspect that will be interesting to follow is which pirate parties pass others in follower count. Adjusted to the country population it can give an indication about which country is doing good or getting a lot of exposure during that period of time.

The first month it is hard to do comparative analysis since the old data that exists is indeed very old. Therefore, for now, we will only present the two following charts and let you make your own observations. What we can observe is that most pirate parties have a good following on facebook making it an important communication channel.

What would you like to see next month when we will do more number crunching and comparisons? followers/capita, percentage-changes, top-climber, others?
pirate party facebook august followers

pirate party facebook twitter followers